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  1. Tonya says

    The recipe says: “read the salt note at the end of this recipe before adding” but I can’t find it. Is this only if using a butter substitute, in which case, the note is at the beginning?

    • Tori Avey says

      The notes section of my website template moved to the top, so yes – it’s referring to the note under the “Notes” section. I’ll revise, thanks.

  2. Jenna says

    4 stars
    Very good consistency and baked very well in my hamantaschen. I might add a little lemon zest to balance the sweetness or slightly reduce the sugar next time. I have a bit leftover from my baking — any experience with freezing and defrosting for later use?

    • Jodi says

      5 stars
      Tried this recipe last night… love it. Perfect…thank you!

      I used about 25% less sugar as I tend to do, just because we eat very little sugar in our household so our palate is accustomed to less sweet foods. For those who like the orange undertones, go ahead and up the orange juice a bit.

      As an aside, for those interested in replacing the sugar (I see some comments about this above) I have had great success with Monkfruit sweetener. Replaces sugar 1:1 with zero calories (allegedly). Try the sugar format — NOT EXTRACT, which I think tastes like sweet ‘n low, ick.

  3. Rachel Grand says

    I made this filling last week, changed it up a bit, but it was great! Made it again tonight and something’s not right. There are white bits in it. Is that the egg? It kinda looks like the chalazae. Or did I end up with some pieces of scrambled egg??
    Also I left out the honey this time because I didn’t like the honey flavor in it the first time I made it. Will it be more runny when baked?
    Anyway to fix this? Can I add more sugar?

    • Tori Avey says

      If made correctly it shouldn’t be runny… I’m not sure how to salvage it, unless you want to try thickening with a corn starch slurry. Did you convert to metric measurements, by chance? Sometimes the conversion gets a little screwy, especially if you’re changing the amount of servings.

  4. Ilana says

    Hi Tori,
    I’m planning on trying this filling this evening. About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ve yet to eat a delicious gluten free hamentaschen, but I think I finally might have something this year as I’ve hit on a good, rolled GF sugar cookie recipe and plan to use that recipe as the dough. The only issue is that it’s a sweeter base than a hamentaschen dough usually is. Have you ever tried decreasing the sugar and honey content slightly. I’m tempted to try so that the final result isn’t overly sweet. Thanks for any thoughts you might have! By the way, your sriracha salmon cakes are outstanding! I substituted almond flour (and decreased the amount somewhat) for the panco. Happy Purim! -Ilana

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Ilana! I have not tried that, but would worry that the filling might not thicken as anticipated. If you try it, please let us know how it goes. So glad you enjoyed the salmon cakes! I love that recipe.

  5. David E Rubin says

    Since I have a Vitamix blender, I changed the order a bit, starting with grinding the poppy seeds in the dry ingredient pitcher and then adding the milk, eggs, and sugar (I used a 1 cup-sized solidified chunk of brown sugar instead of the white sugar and honey), mixing them at a low-to-moderate speed until the chunk of brown sugar had completely broken up and dissolved – about 3 minutes – and the mixture had already heated to luke-warm. I melted the butter in a double boiler (because I tend to scorch things) and then added the blender contents. I then kept whisking until the mixture thickened as directed. This may have saved some time with the grinding, otherwise not so much. Oh yeah, I added some cardamom, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon.

  6. Karen says

    I just tried to make this and the taste of the egg/sugar/milk mixture was perfect. The poppy seeds though were super bitter. Any ideas how that can be addressed?

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Karen, it sounds like your poppy seeds may have been rancid, unfortunately. This can happen with older seeds. Best to buy fresh ones and start a new batch.

  7. S Catherine Morales says

    4 stars
    Thank u for sharing this. I substituted milt for oat milk, omitted the sugar and egg and used a bit of algae oil instead. not bad at all : } Thank u!!!

  8. Carolyn says


    Thank you for the recipe. I’m curious, I haven’t yet tried to make it as we are currently in the process of reducing our sugar intake. If I were to reduce the amount and sugar and/or honey, are there any replacements needed to maintain the consistency?

    • Tori Avey says

      Sorry Carolyn, I don’t have a lower sugar version of this filling. It would need to be tested, as the honey and sugar are part of what makes the thickened texture here. I don’t want to steer you wrong!

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