The Shiksa’s Passover Potluck 2013

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Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays, a seven-day springtime festival commemorating the liberation of the Ancient Israelites from Egyptian slavery to freedom. It also happens to be one of my favorite holidays because of the incredible food and family traditions it inspires. Each year, I celebrate the holiday on with a unique annual event called The Passover Potluck. I’ve invited my friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to share recipes that are kosher for Passover. My goals are simple– to foster mutual understanding between different cultures, to introduce you to my foodie friends, and to share yummy recipes and cooking ideas for Passover!

Idaho Potatoes

This year, we are thrilled to have Idaho Potatoes on board as the featured sponsor of our online Passover Potluck! Please give them a follow to show your appreciation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

I’ll be linking up the 2013 Passover Potluck recipes to this page as they go live here:



March 17: Whole Orange Sephardic Charoset

March 18: Homemade Passover Seder Plates

March 19: Potato Chip Zucchini Sticks with Lemon Mayo Dipping Sauce

March 19: Passover Cream Puffs and Eclairs

March 20: Roasted Butternut Squash with Garlic, Sage and Pine Nuts

March 21: Coconut Pavlova with Pudding and Caramel Sauce

March 21: Passover Spinach Artichoke Dip

March 22: Faux Nutella Matzo Sandwiches

March 22: Passover Recipe Ideas from Tasty Kitchen

March 23: Ten Plagues Finger Puppets

March 24: Passover Cake Bites

March 25: Tori Tsukune Nabe

March 26: Passover Lemon Swirled Honey Cheesecake

March 27: Grilled Matzo Brisket Wraps

March 28: Weeknight Roast Chicken with Potatoes 

March 29: Schmaltz Potatoes Lyonnaise

April 1: Passover Potato Latkes

April 2: Passover 2013 – Holiday Highlights


Discover my super amazing guest bloggers by checking out the list of links below. Share your favorite recipes on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter under the hashtag #passoverpotluck. Help us spread the word about this fun recipe sharing event!


5 Second Rule

Inside the Jewish Bakery


Click here for all my kosher for Passover recipes: Passover Recipe Index

To check out the recipes from Passover Potluck 2012, click here.

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  1. Looking forward to it! This year we are taking a break from tradition and going Moroccan. Hoping you have some recipes in that direction!

  2. Do you know Joan Nathan’s “Mocha Cake Roll”? It’s gotta be one of the best Passover desserts ever! Nothing but chocolate, eggs, coffee, butter. It’s in her “Jewish Holiday Kitchen”, and my kids won’t go through Passover without it!

    Also, I have a recipe for Carrot Pudding from an Israeli cookbook that I make every year.

    4 oz. Butter or margarine
    8 tablespoons Matzo meal , About 1/2 cup
    3 tablespoons Potato starch
    8 tablespoons Sweet Red Wine, Scant 1/2 cup
    1 lb carrots, grated
    2 oz. raisins
    3 ½ ounces brown sugar
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1 lemon , juice and rind
    1 egg, beaten
    ½ teaspoon salt
    1. Preheat oven to 350. Butter a medium casserole dish.
    2. Cream butter and matzo meal well.
    3. Dissolve potato starch in wine.
    4. Mix all ingredients together and bake in buttered casserole for about 1 hour.
    This is really good. The lemon makes it less sweet.

  3. Help! I need a recipe for passover quiche. I need a dairy meal for a lunch and I thought a quiche with cheese and eggs would be great. How do you get the matzo meal to make a crust?
    Help please.

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