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  1. Jonathan Fritz says

    I have been freezing cooked rice after I had read somewhere else that cooked rice is freezable, especially if you’re going to need it for more than four or five days. No problems! The taste and texture hold very well. I will continue to freeze it.

  2. Charley Suggs says

    Peppers CAN be frozen successfully, if they are roasted first. In New Mexico, in early Autumn, we buy 30 pounds of Hatch or Hatch style New Mexico green chilies that have been roasted over open flames (I used to do it on my Weber) until blackened and blistered on the outside. We then throw them in a large plastic bag and tie it close until they cool. During this process the skin steams off of the chilies and begins to flake off. We package them in one quart freezer zip lock bags, about four chilies to the bag and put them in the freezer.

    When we want roasted chilies we take them out, microwave them for thirty seconds and then let them finish thawing on the counter top. Holding them under running water, the majority of the skin peels right off (a bit left won’t matter) Split them and discard the seeds and veins and you have perfect additions to soups, tacos, stews, eggs, sandwiches etc.

    We are still using peppers we froze six years ago and they are wonderful.

  3. Lisbeth says

    Hi Tori. Thanks for the above list. I cook for the freezer on a regular basis. But there’s an error in there. You can freeze eggs. But they have to be scrambled. Raw. I scramble the egg and then pour the mixture into a ziplock freezer bag. When you need eggs, just grab a bag from the freezer. I defrost in cold water, normally. I used to camp a lot. This was a much easier, cleaner and more convenient way. I had stopped bringing eggs camping because they broke too easily. :-). No more worries.

  4. Karen Parham says

    When making cheesy seafood pasta for a later date……is it best to cook the shrimp before I freeze it or keep them raw. I’m baking it the day of event

    • Ashley at ToriAvey.com says

      Hi Karen, Tori’s assistant Ashley here. when it comes to seafood I will always advise to make it fresh whenever possible.

  5. Kim Gorrey says

    Can you freeze partially cooked deep fried vegetables to complete the deep frying when needed? If so do you need to thaw before continuing cooking or can you cook from frozen like frozen chips?

  6. Craig R. Nichols says

    Hello, I want to freeze a large quantity of batter dipped cauliflower for a use as needed basis. I know the floweretts will need to be frozen individually prior to vacuum packing. However should the cauliflower be blanched prior to battering and freezing? If so how long is the blanch. I don’t want them to turn to mush when deep fried. Or perhaps there is a better method.

  7. Me says

    Although this article was very informative, I’m still unsure because of the nature of my “crossover” item: can a spaghetti squash kugel be frozen, or would it be too delicate?

  8. Theresa says

    I’m learning to meal prep and freeze individual servings. (Cooked) Which cooked vegetables freeze best? I tried green beans once and they were a mushy mess when thawed and reheated in microwave. Help!

  9. Sheila Cornes says

    I am making a mushroom and nut loaf – it contains brown rice, soya milk and eggs. Can this be frozen?

  10. paula says

    I had two pkgs of BBQ brisked, pre-cooked. just heat and serve. Thawed two, only used one, Christmas Day.Is the other thawed brisket pkg. ok to refreeze? It is tightly sealed. Tks

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