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  1. Sharon Pietrafitta says

    I couldn’t believe this exact recipe popped up as I started typing the ingredients from Sophia Petrillo’s family recipe!!! I’m watching that episode now and cannot thank you enough!!! I love the Golden Girls and am so excited to give this a try!! I bake cheesecakes often so I’m not afraid of it not being perfect ….that just gives me reason to practice!! And have more cheesecake! I played with my own recipe many times before getting it right and now I’m going to give yours a shot! Wish me luck and I’ll let you know. Of course I won’t be baking until the heat here in Philadelphia lets up!! But I love baking and can’t wait for fall weather! Thank you so much again for sharing this!! As I said I could not believe when the exact words came up!!! Wish me luck and Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!

    • Tori Avey says

      You can use an almond syrup, or a hazelnut syrup (as another reader suggested in comments). Or if you’re looking for another liqueur, Grand Marnier would give it an orange essence that would probably be lovely.

  2. George Geary CCP says

    Every year one of the stations bring me out for National Cheesecake Day as I made all of those crazy cheesecakes over the years.. The pilot was shot a few years prior to the show getting picked up.. They had a carrot cake as the food.. Plus a wedding cake.. I made both.. but then 1/2 way into the first season the cheesecake was brought into the show.. I would make 7 for the Friday night tapings.. Every year the cakes looked differently.. from berries on top to double chocolate etc.. email me if you would like the recipe.. I have two cheesecake books out but neither have that recipe..

    • Carla Bisagni-Holmes says

      5 stars
      George, I’d love the recipe, as I’m always looking for new cheesecake recipes. Just made this cheesecake for a friend’s birthday today, and looking forward to trying it!

    • Cecilia says

      I just read your post on The Golden Girls Cheesecake Recipes.You wrote you have some recipes that you would share the recipes. I would love the recipes if you don’t mind.
      Cheesecakes are my favorite dessert .
      Thank you

  3. Marvin says

    That does sound good! unfortunately, I can’t bake.

    Now if someone would make Rose’s special Maple Syrup Honey Brown Sugar Molasses Rice Krispies Log!

  4. Olivia Worsham Merrell says

    5 stars
    What a wonderful story! I am not that much if a chocolate fan but have friends that are! What a wonderful cake to bake for entertaining with a wonderful story to tell with the dessert! Thanks again!!

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