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  1. Mark says

    I use the ceiling fan… just saying it blows the onion fumes away from my eyes.

    I also have a dedicated cutting board for onions and garlic so the rest of my food doesn’t taste like onions and garlic

  2. Derrica says

    My little brother just did a science experiment on tears and freezing the onion or putting it in a fridge before chopping helps alot.

  3. David says

    If I don’t have a thoroughly chilled (not just “in the fridge for a few minutes” – but a truly refrigerated) onion, the only thing that prevents my eyes from overflowing with tears is if I hold my breath when slicing them. Goggles do not help for me, if I breathe when chopping/slicing an unrefrigerated onion. If the onion has been thoroughly chilled, then there is almost no ill effect from slicing/chopping the onion.

    Or, I can stand over the onions and chop all day if I hold my breath (tho I can’t hold my breath long enough to slice/chop up more than just one onion!). If I stand over the unrefrigerated onion and breathe as I chop, I will barely be able to see between the tears.

    I have not let a fully refrigerated onion reach room temp to see if that makes a difference. I do suspect that something in the onion dies when it is refrigerated, much like the flavor of a fresh tomato suffers once the fresh tomato has been refrigerated.

  4. Nettie says

    I am intrigued by the onion goggles. Can these same goggles be used for swimming? Or are they a special Kind? Please respond.

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Nettie– no, they are not waterproof, they have a soft foam around the edges. I suppose you could use regular water goggles too, but these are a bit more comfortable.

  5. tim says

    Put a piece of sliced sandwich bread in your mouth and let the bread hang out as you slice. The bread will gather most of tear causing fumes and flavor the bread at the same time.

  6. donna says

    i need goggles for my cat. the poor thing sneezes and his eyes start tearing whenever i cut onions! he gets out of the kitchen as soon as he smells it.

  7. Gaby@GabHousewifeChronicles says

    I’m gonna tell you my secret so you can chop an onion and not cry.
    Bite a match. Yeah, not lighted-on, just place it in your mouth between your teeth, with the phosphorous side on the outside of your mouth.
    I don’t remember where I heard this tip (maybe in the “The Help” movie, Idk).
    Give it a try!!

  8. Nina says

    Many many things make me cry, but not onions! My husband does cry from onions though – so he uses that onion-chopper thing and that helps.

  9. Fredda Salta says

    FYI, if you leave the skin of the onion attached at the root end, you’ll have a convenient handle for stabilizing the onion while you slice it

  10. Lisa Michal Boxenbaum says

    I tried that – no luck. I tear up so badly that I will avoid using onions, or buy them chopped. Only thing that works for me is to leave the house while my husband chops them outside… I get a sack of onions and freeze them diced and ready to go.

    OTOH, Efrat Effie Rebish wears goggles when making her famous horseradish!

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